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MYLINK provided legal service for AC Milan Football Club


MYLINK has recently represented AC Milan, one of the world famous football clubs in a contract dispute with its Chinese business partner Guizhou Hengfeng Football Club.

On the basis of a signed training service contract between AC Milan and Guizhou Hengfeng, AC Milan provided football training service for Guizhou Hengfeng. During the performance of the contract, due to the difficulties occurring in the cooperation, the contract was suspended. Both parties brought the case to the court for dispute settlement in terms of validity and fee payment.

MYLINK enjoys rich experience in providing legal service for international companies. After accepting the appointment by AC Milan, MYLINK actively prepared for the case, and attended the court hearing. After the first court instances, MYLINK was instructed to conduct negotiation with Guizhou Hengfeng, and finally the dispute was settled in a way acceptable by both parties.

During the process of service, Erex Chen and his team kept close communication with the headquarters of AC Milan which is based in Italy, and follow the client’s instruction to attend the court hearing and carry out negotiation. The efficient and professional service was highly appreciated by the client.